I spend a considerable amount of time in the back of driven cars these days. The new 2014 S Class sets an entirely new bar as far as driver + driven cars go

One can actually get away with driving the thing yourself without feeling like driving mrs daisy as well as jumping in the back and being driven, working, watching films or whatever else you feel comfortable with doing w/o a divider (I hope one is coming). The rear passenger seat reclines Maybach style and offers a variation of massages, cooling, heating etc

Out of all the usual suspects of the long-wheel-base-crew out there at present time including the heavy hitters - they have nothing on the new S Class.


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link to the sclass film i ended up shooting: http://www5.mercedes-benz.com/en/tv/play/?p=… (dont really get it either, but it was hell of a trip and i really love the the car)