The Bentley continental w12 bi turbo drives like a modern high speed tank (have not driven one but its on the to do list).

Gas: one of the main themes of driving the thing - a daily experience of standing at the pump and forking over 120 euros in premium becomes a big part of owning the car. I guess if you own a rig for 235k you either have someone keeping it fueled or it's your one activity where you can connect with the peasants and farmhands who will undoubtedly come up to you and say things such B-E-N-T-L-E-Y. I usually just smile at them and pretend like I'm typing on my phone.

Driving: again imagine modern mil-tec vehicle anything 12 cylinder-y placed inside a car does something unexplainable to a mans ego (women too, but we'll get to that in a while). It's a mix out of straight up owning the road (think "hulk smash"), and being a giant marshmallow.


Women: I'm pretty sure most women judge cars in yellow car/blue car terms - however my friend Chris W has a theory that a 12 cylinder will get any female excited if they like it or not. I tested it with my gf who said she was unimpressed by the first ride even with massive speed downshifts and semi prison term on ramp behavior driving. A few days later I gave the same woman and her college-attending sister and friend a ride from and to the library and decided to do some punchy first second gear footwork which was followed by wroom, hiihihi, Whaaa, wroom. Post carpool I heard that the girls, whom where liberal non-car save-planet whatever-type personas, had not one bad thing to say about the short cruise.

Autobahn: Saturday summer evening all windows down, AC off, music off, massage on, three lane German autobahn (Berlin-Leipzig three lanes two on right packed). As soon as the electronic 120km sign was crossed out I closed the windows, pushed the button to make mini spoiler come up (very upsetting that this is not possible to keep up at all times), put the blinker on, lights on, fog lights on, and foot on pedal. Next: think of the mask the one dude was wearing in gladiator traveling 300km/h. It's truly steam punk and a very fuck you I own the world moment.


Not likes:

Again I'm a big fan of anything spoiler mechanism. The Bentley has a very cool one (a little bit like the SLR), and its a shame it can't be made to stay up in a permanent manner.


Phone, bluetooth and co: phone connects calls? Yes. Music? No. One of the most important features a car needs to have for me in 2013. Get it straight, guys.

Seat cooling: I like and I have seen it work great in the Mulsanne's backseat, but here they are noisy and don't do shit.


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